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Belarusian robots will help the factory increase the production of shoes by almost half

The Belarusian company "Лацит"(part of ICOL Group) has developed industrial robots for the shoe factory "Belwest", reports

Robotic systems are already being put into production for the pilot project. In the next three years, with their help, “Belwest” plans to increase the production of shoes from 1.8 to 3 million pairs per year. 

Now the first stage of the project is underway. In total, the factory will install 24 robotic cells and about 50 robots equipped with artificial intelligence. Some cells may have two, three, or four robots for different operations. To make one pair of shoes, you need to perform about 200 different operations. Robotic systems will be able to perform most of them: flawing, layout of parts taking into account the difference in colors and sizes, cutting and cutting with picking parts in batches.

Robots are also trained to interact with other objects in production in order to move materials or workpieces on the assembly line. 

About two dozen world manufacturers are already interested in robotic systems of Belarusians. As told in "Лацит", you can install and run the line at enterprises relatively quickly with proper planning.