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Belarusian scientists have created a database " DNA-appearance-Bel"

Belarusian scientists have created a unique database "DNA-appearance-Bel". This was announced to journalists today by Alexander Kilchevsky, Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the national Academy of Sciences, scientific Director of the Union program "DNA identification" on the Belarusian side, reports

The database includes information about the phenotypic features of individuals, their origin, national identity, as well as digital images of the iris of the eyes, hair samples.

Another important task is to determine the probable age of an unknown person based on the characteristics of his DNA. 

Specialists of the State Committee of forensic examinations are engaged in determining the most likely ethnogeographic origin of an unknown person by DNA. 

The introduction of new DNA technologies in criminology will allow to solve crimes faster, reduce the number of unsolved cases, reduce the time for searching for suspects or missing persons, and improve the efficiency of identifying victims of crimes, accidents, and catastrophes.

The goal of the union program "DNA identification" (2017-2021) is to develop innovative DNA technologies for use in criminology and medicine. On the Belarusian side, the national Academy of Sciences is the state customer of the program, and on the Russian side, the Ministry of science and higher education.