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Belarusians can’t return home from Goa

36 Belarusian tourists are stuck and waiting for help in the Indian state, where it is planned to impose a curfew, reports

According to one of them, people flew to Goa at the beginning of March, when there was no danger. There was no question of any quarantine. He flew with the help of a Russian company, together with some other people and was supposed to return on March 18, but at the airport discovered that his ticket was voided.

Tourists were told that their tickets were being voided because Russia closed its borders to foreigners due to coronavirus. Belarusians who flew from another tour operator were taken on board. The Russian travel agency does not comment on anything, does not respond to messages, although it is clear that they are read.

Belarusian tourists were asked to leave the airport and they had to seek accommodation and food on their own. Local citizens helped them and gave a shelter for affordable price. Visas are running out together with insurance and money.

Tourists called the Belarusian Embassy in India from the airport, but the Ambassador was in Delhi and could not help in that situation. The group keeps in touch with the Embassy, but they are asked to look for money for tickets. In the near future, a flight should be organized to fly back to Minsk. According to Eugene, the tourist, they are offered a flight for $600 per person, but people are indignant, because the entire vacation in India cost them such a sum of money, and it is very difficult to find it just for a flight. The tickets for connected flights cost up to $2000 and more.

Trapped tourists have created a separate chat in the messenger, added all interested services and parties, call, write, but there is no help yet. Only local residents help them and give big discounts on accommodation.

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the possibility of evacuating all Belarusian citizens from the territory of India is currently being considered. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is aware of the whole situation. He said it was impossible to help all our people trapped abroad just in one day. So all they can do is wait.