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Belarusians made a game about the army

Belarusians made a game about the army

Belarusians made a game about the army without hazing and want to sell it to the defense Ministry

19-year-old students of Gomel engineering College Vitaly Bobr and Evgeny Klimenkov created a set of mini-games called "Once in the army".

There is a tank festival, snow battle, shooting and rope climbing. The developers believe that their game can replace the social advertising of the Belarusian army, and want to sell the project to the Ministry of defense, reports.

The character in the game is an ordinary guy. His name is Daniel Karmanov, he gets into the army. There is a senior Lieutenant, you can go up to him, and talk. Then there is a menu where you can choose the game: festival, snow battle, obstacle course. Each-in the form of competition. In the obstacle course by pressing the Space key, the character begins to run. The player needs to jump over barriers and crawl under barbed wire. Tank festival is a race on military equipment. Who was the first to arrive is the winner. In the snow battle involved two players: by pressing the key, they begin to play snowballs.