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Belarusians recount their votes in elections online

The online platform Golos has published the results of the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus, reports.

For several weeks, the citizens of Belarus could leave their votes on the online platform. It was necessary to indicate your personal data, the number of the voting station and attach photos of your bulletin with a mark in the column of the selected candidate.

The results of the Golos platform differ significantly from the results of the Central Election Commission.

In total, 1,875,998 voters left their votes on the online platform, which is 32.2% of the 5,818,955 voters. The collection of votes took place in all regions of Belarus.

The Golos platform presented the following voting results:

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya - 1,001,569 votes (95.58%)

Alexander Lukashenko - 10,038 votes (0.96%)

The rest of voters were for alternative candidates, against all, or refused to participate in the elections.

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