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Belavia continues to cancel flights

The Belarusian airline Belavia has announced that some flights will be cancelled until October 2020, reports

Schedule changes affected some cities in Russia and Europe.

So the following changes were made to the flight schedule:

1) Minsk-Nice flights are suspended from May 10 till October 24;

2) Minsk-Geneva flights are suspended from May 18 till October 24;

3) A number of flights to Voronezh, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod were cancelled.

Purchased tickets for cancelled flights can be returned during the 2020. In order to return your tickets, you need to contact Belavia support by e-mail, fill out a special application for refusal of air transportation and a refund for a ticket.

Changes in the flight schedule are connected with the spread of coronavirus and the instability of the situation in the countries. According to the representative of the airline, at the moment about 2300 flights out of 3000 are cancelled.

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