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Belavia will temporarily fly past of Iran and Iraq

The airline "Belavia" will temporarily fly past of Iran and Iraq. This is due to a missile attack by Iran on US facilities in Iraq, reports

The only direction in which Belavia aircrafts pass over the territory of Iran and Iraq is Minsk-Dubai. This is a Charter flight, the plane flies once a week. The next flight is scheduled for January 10. Belavia planes will temporarily fly past of both Iran and Iraq.

Some countries have warned their airlines about the possible danger of flying over Iran and Iraq. Recommendations not to use the airspace over Iran, Iraq, the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman for flights of civil aircraft of Russia were distributed Rosaviatsia. Also, flights over Iran and Iraq were suspended by Air France, Lufthansa, Singapore airlines, Australian Qantas, China Airlines and Malaysia Airlines, Air Canada.