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Biometric payment appeared in Minsk metro

A biometric payment system has been launched in the Minsk metro since March 1, Onliner reports. This payment system is available to holders of Mastercard cards of any banks.

The biometric payment system was launched at three metro stations: Nemiga, Institute of Culture and Lenin Square.

To add it to the database, you need to download the Belarusbank M-banking application, find the Look and Go tab there, and then take a picture of your face.

In order to pay for the ticket, you need to go to the biometric terminal and look at it. It takes about two seconds to authenticate passengers and pay for travel.

The system calculates your appearance and deducts the money for travel from your card. The terminal checks 75-125 points on the face (the distance between the eyes, the length of the chin line, the width of the nose, and so on) to build a digital fingerprint, which then correlates with the biometric database to find matches.

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