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Borders with Ukraine will be closed until the end of September

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has unanimously voted to keep the country's borders closed until the end of September, reports.

So far, Belarusians are on the list of "green countries", so they can freely enter the territory of Ukraine. However, citizens of countries included in the "red list" will not be able to enter the country until the end of September.

List of people who will be admitted:

• carry out transit through the territory of Ukraine and have documents confirming departure within 1-2 days,

• study in educational institutions of Ukraine,

• do military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine,

• permanently live in Ukraine and has an appropriate residence permit,

• recognized as refugees or people in need of special protection,

• employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign states and members of their families,

• have the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

• drivers, members of international crews of vehicles, buses, air, sea and river vessels, trains,

• instructors of the armed forces of NATO member states and member states of the NATO Partnership participating in the training of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or people who have the invitation of the Ministry of Defense,

• cultural figures who have the invitation of cultural institutions,

• athletes who participate in competitions,

• transport homeopathic stem cells for transplantation,

• undergo treatment in Ukraine.

At the moment, Ukraine plans to open its borders on September 28, 2020.

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