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Borovlyany can become a city

Alexander Lukashenko decided that Borovlyany is already ready to become a reports.

"It is necessary that during this and the first half of next year we make a decision on Borovlyany as a whole. It is necessary to allocate Borovlyany from the Minsk district, make it a city. Administratively with all the ensuing consequences. This is a primary issue. We have already discussed it" - Lukashenko said.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the population of Borovlyany is already comparable to large regions in the country. "A rare region. These are already large cities. Therefore, it is necessary to give it the appropriate status. As soon as you put things in order, then I will make the appropriate decision. Not a bad town you have, well done. But there is something to work on" - Lukashenko said.

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