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Building industry in Belarus gets rolling thanks to coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has a bad influence on the country's economy, but the building industry, on the contrary, can go on the rise, as it will be supplemented by people, who was previously quite lacking, reports

In 2018, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko paid attention to the problem, saying that over the past five years, the country's building industry lost about 50 thousand qualified personnel who went to work abroad (Russia, Poland, Lithuania).

Since March 18, Russia has closed entry for foreign citizens to their country and Russian builders immediately got in a flap. For all foreigners, including Belarusians, the issuance of permits to enter and work in Russia has been suspended. At the same time, the term of the restriction is still approximately unknown. In other words, you cannot sit at home for a month and hope that in April you will be able to go back to work in Moscow.

Representatives of the Russian construction complex have already said that the loss of almost 2 million foreign workers is a gut-punch. But there are benefits for Belarus because of Russia’s problem.

It is difficult to say how many of these people are from Belarus. Some say that 50 thousand people, others say that there are at least 100 thousand, but the problem is that not everyone goes to work in Russia legally. Moreover, not veryone goes to work in some Russian companies.

In this situation, Belarusian construction workers who are out of work will simply have no choice but to look for work in the domestic market. Of course, the salary is not the same, but there is no escaping it. Hunger breaks stone walls. Belarusian builders will simply have no choice.