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Changes in limits on the import of goods and postal parcels

Presidential Decree №146 introduces amendments to the procedure for receiving parcels and importing goods from other countries, reports Amendments applies only to individuals.

Presidential Decree №146 introduces the following rules:

1. The monthly norms for the international shipment of goods are cancelled; However, individuals can still receive parcels duty-free only if its price is not more than 22 euros and weight is no more than 10 kilograms;

2. The norms regarding to duty-free import of goods in baggage in the amount of 300 euros and 20 kg when crossing the land border more than once every three months are cancelled.

The decree has not entered into force yet.

Earlier this year, the EAEU countries reduced the limits on duty-free parcels to 200 euros and 31 kilograms. However, each EAEU country can still set its own additional requirements, for example, to the total cost of parcels.

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