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Charity event for homeless animals

On the 4th of October, an event in support of homeless animals will take place in Minsk, reports. The event will take place in the Hide center (Oktyabrskaya st. 19/4) from 13.00 to 18.00.

The charity event will take place in support of the World Animal Day. As a part of the event, everyone will be able to take homeless animals for themselves, as well as help needy pets with food and toys. All animals are vaccinated, sterilized, socialized, and also passed a special state inspection.

In order to shelter a pet, you will need to have a passport with you (to draw up an acceptance certificate). New hosts will receive from the organizers:

- gifts from the Purina brand;

- certificate for the owner of a cat or dog;

- free consultation with a veterinarian and a dog handler.

You can also help animals with food, litter, medicines, carriers and trays.

The event has already become a good tradition in Belarus. It has been held for 13 years.

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