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Chrome extension from Belarusian developers reached 300 thousand installations

The American startup Manganum with Belarusian founders presented the free Manganum extension for the Chrome sidebar, which was installed by almost 300 thousand browser users, reported.

The extension provides quick access to 14 ChatGPT, Google Calendar, Keep, Tasks, Translator, Todoist, Grammarly, Mini-games, etc. In addition, the startup is working on adding Gmail and Google Drive apps.

In June 2023, 23 extensions were available in this segment with a total audience of more than 1 million users. According to the team, the Manganum is the most functional among them.

Manganum is an American startup with Belarusian founders. There are five people in the team. The startup raised $475,000 from Mitgo. The expansion has about 300 thousand installations. It is free for users.

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