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Cinemas begin to resume its work

Today, two cinemas in Minsk will continue their work after a break due to the spread of coronavirus, reports

Due to the pandemic, almost all cinemas in Minsk were closed or temporarily suspended its work. Most movie premieres were postponed indefinitely, and people refrained from visiting public places with a large flow of visitors.

However, from June, the epidemiological situation in the country is improving. Public institutions open and the service sector begins to work.

From the 12th of June, Silver Screen Cinema in Galileo and ARENAcity shopping centers resume movie screenings. The first film presented in cinemas will be "Brother." And from the 18th of June, cinemas will show favourite films that have been released in recent years: Deadpool, The House Jack Built, How to Train Your Dragon-3, and others.

During June, cinemas will operate only on Fridays and weekends.

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