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Coronavirus in Belarus

Coronavirus in Belarus: what is the current situation with the epidemic?

The third month has gone since the first case of coronavirus infection was founded in Belarus. What is the current epidemiological situation, reports

This week, the number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded the limit in 30,000 cases. Every day, about 900 people become victims of the epidemic. Despite the large number of cases, nowadays the number of deaths is 171 people, while the number of people who have recovered has reached 10,130.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health assured that an increase of 300 people per day would be the peak of the epidemic in Belarus. Unfortunately, these forecasts were not confirmed. Nevertheless, Belarus has now reached a so-called plateau - the number of people infected with coronavirus per day keeps up with +900 cases.

According to WHO, Belarus has not taken all measures recommended by the organization to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country.

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