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hotel east time

Doctors will be provided with a hotel for free

Minsk City Executive Committee provided the doctors of the 10th Clinical Hospital with a free two-star hotel “East Time”, reports In addition to accommodation, hospital staff will also have a three-meal a day delivery directly to their rooms for free.

The hotel has a capacity of 250 beds, and the first doctors are already settling in single rooms. The hotel staff has already prepared for the arrival of doctors and acquired the necessary personal protective equipment.

Since doctors work in direct contact with people infected with coronavirus, they are dangerous for their families. Doctors have been raising the question of how they can isolate themselves from their loved ones for a long time. Initially, the “Yubileinaya” Hotel was supposed to be the place for isolation, but at the last moment the parties did not agree on price.

In addition, “Minsktrans” will launch separate buses to take medical staff to and from their work.

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