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Documentary in 4K format for the first time in Belarus

The first documentary movie about wildlife was shot in 4K format in Belarus, reports

The format is just right for showing in a movie theater. The plot of the film is set in the Turov meadows of Pripyat. This is a unique place where hundreds of thousands of rare birds stop during migration.

The movie is called Big Bird Transit - Station "Turov Meadow". This is one of the 10 movies of the cycle about the wild nature of Belarus and the bottomland meadow of Pripyat. It was chosen for filming because it is a special place and there are not so many left in Europe. It has great importance for the migration of birds of the whole world. Here they stop to rest after a long flight and continue their journey to the north.

Content about wildlife has being caught on video for a long time. It is harder than just to take a photo of a bird. The bird should not just sit on the nest. You can't show how it just walks for an hour, but you can't make her act either.

Each movie of the cycle lasts an hour, and it is a separate drama work. Three paintings about the large migration of birds that live in the Turov meadow, Lukoml lake and the Belarusian swamps. The first of them will be shown on March 20 in one of Minsk cinemas. The rest will be premiered within a year.

As the producer noted, such movies have been shot in Belarus before, but no one has prepared such movies for screening in a movie theatre. All the pictures from the series about wildlife were shot in the necessary 4K resolution for a large movie screen and accompanied by Dolby Digital 5.1 sound .

The movies will stimulate the development of internal and external tourism. They will also be for the good for Belarusians both in the educational and in the matter of ideology - love for the Motherland, understanding of the beauty and uniqueness of the native land.