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Dozens of Belarusians cannot return from Sri Lanka

Dozens of Belarusians have not been able to return from Sri Lanka to their homeland for several months, reports Air tickets are currently out of order.

Since there is no Belarusian diplomatic mission on the island, Belarusians contacted the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in India. Most tourists had air tickets to Russia, which cancelled all flights and stopped selling tickets. The representative office of the Embassy of the Russian Federation reports that they are planning to solve this problem, but the flight dates have not been determined yet.

Belarus is looking for an opportunity to return citizens home, but the ticket price is too expensive for most tourists. In addition, most seats in the plane must be booked in order to send it to Sri Lanka.

Along with this, the government of Sri Lanka imposed a special regime. It was forbidden to move around the island, except to the airport, and only if you have tickets. Moreover, people are allowed to leave their houses no more than 1 time in several days and only in order to go to shops or banks.

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