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Driving school is now more available. App for students with a hearing disorder

BSU students have created an app for driving school students with hearing problems, reports

The unique SurdoAdapter app is designed to translate oral speech into gestural language. This is the first app of this type in Belarus and it is aimed at people with hearing disabilities who are trained in driving schools. The resource will allow you to easily and quickly respond to the teacher's advice and comments on driving, as well as reduce the risk of an accident.

The instructor uses the app to record a voice command, which is automatically converted into animation. A graphic character shows instructions in gesture language. Nowadays, the app's dictionary contains about fifty words and phrases. For example, left, right, gas, brake, clutch and others.

The app does not require an Internet connection and works offline, and this is its advantage. In the near future, it is planned to test SurdoAdapter in one of the driving schools in Minsk. The app is supported on devices with the Android operating system. The development team includes third-year students of the faculty of applied mathematics and computer science.