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Electric bicycles

Electric bicycles sharing in Minsk

Sharing “Kolobike” launched the rental of bicycles with an electric motor in Minsk, reports

More than 300 electric bicycles are already located throughout the city. In order to use the electric bicycle, you need to scan the code using special application.

The rental cost of electric bicycles will be higher, however, thanks to the electric motor, they can reach the speed of 25 km/h (reaching this speed, the engine turns off). Start costs 1 BYN, Then 0,24 BYN per minute.

Electric bicycles have 3 speeds, manufacturers recommend starting off from the first. The electric motor helps the bicycle to move and gain speed faster, although the cyclist should work the pedals any way. Electric motor power is 250 watts. Charging, on average, is enough for 30 kilometres.

Some restrictions have been introduced on electric bicycles: people with a weight of not more than 150 kilograms are allowed.

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