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Electric buses

Electric buses will appear in Minsk

Minsk Automobile Plant has developed the first electric bus, reports Soon electric buses will appear in the largest cities of Belarus.

During the presentation of the electric buses, representatives of Minsk Automobile Plant said that the latest model of the electric bus can go up to 300 kilometers without recharging. In addition, the electric bus is equipped with an air conditioner, which can both warm and cool the air in the cabin, USB-portals for recharging passengers' gadgets, warm buttons and a sliding exit for disabled people and young mothers with baby cars.

When creating the electric bus, the designers were inspired by the national symbol of Belarus - the bison. The electric bus is the first low-floor bus and has panoramic windows. The electric bus holds up to 70 passengers, including 30 seats.

The electric bus is an environmentally friendly invention: both the movement and heating of the electric bus is carried out only with electricity.

During 2020, the first electric buses will already be launched in the largest cities of Belarus.

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