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Electric cars charging will be paid in Belarus

According to the results of the test period, from July 2020 Belarus will introduce payment for charging electric cars, reports

In Belarus, the trial period has ended, during which the country had been testing the work of electric stations. During the tests, charging electric cars was provided free of charge. However, since July 2020, tariffs have been introduced at the stations. Charging cost will be 0,3-0,4 rubbles per 1 kW; this is the lowest cost among the neighbouring countries of Belarus. Despite the fact that electricity tariffs have been introduced, charging will be much 2 times cheaper than fuel.

Nowadays, 260 petrol stations have been installed throughout the country, which are able to service thousands of cars. Representatives of the Malanka station claim that Belarus will continue to keep such prices, as electricity is generated locally at the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

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