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Employees of Minsk Metro and Minsktrans put on masks

In connection with the spread of the coronavirus in the Republic of Belarus, Minsktrans and Minsk Metro have taken preventive measures for the safety of passengers, reports

All employees of Minsk Metro were given protective masks, gloves, and respirators. Moreover, there are dividing sticky tapes, as in grocery stores, on the floor at the ticket offices of the subway, so that people do not forget to maintain a safe distance. At night, all trains are cleaned and disinfected with special detergents.

Minsktrans employees will also receive protective masks as soon as possible, and controllers will also receive disinfectants. A special glass is installed in the kiosks of Minsktrans to prevent direct contact of cashiers with customers. In addition, all public transport carry out daily disinfection of handrails, seats and drivers’ workplaces.

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