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Epiphany bathing in Minsk

Tomorrow is the last day of Epiphany bathing. For the annual tradition, several places have been organized in Minsk where everyone can plunge into the ice-hole, reports.

In total, 4 places were prepared for Epiphany bathing:

"Komsomolskoye Lake", st. Progressive, 29a

"Drozdy", st. Vesninka, 2a

"Tsnyanskaya" in the area of st. Luchaiskaya, 5

Font near the Palace of Water Sports, st. Surganova, 2a

All ice-holes have special heating points with tea, as well as fairs. Doctors and police are on duty around the clock at the sites in case of unforeseen situations.

In addition to ice holes within the city, five baptisms were prepared outside the Moscow Ring Road. One each - at the Vyacha, Krinitsa and Ptich reservoirs. Two more places were arranged on the Minsk Sea.

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