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Errors in mobile applications of Belarusian banks

Today, during the day, users of various Belarusian banks received complaints about the operation of the applications, reports. Due to interruptions in work, bank clients could not pay for services and make transfers online.

Errors appeared in mobile applications and Internet banking of Belarusian banks. In addition, the speed of processing and money transactions has decreased. Banks have already taken note of the errors and teams of specialists are working to eliminate them.

The timing of the troubleshooting is unknown yet, as technicians have not yet discovered the root cause of the disruption to online services. At lunchtime, applications and other banking services still did not work as intended.

At the moment, problems with the use of mobile applications and Internet banking have been found among the clients of Alfa Bank, BSB Bank, Priorbank, Idea Bank and Belgazprombank.

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