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European Union ready to expand the list of sanctions against Belarus

The European Union is again considering the introduction of sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko, as well as the expansion of the already presented list of sanctions against Belarus, reports.

In addition to expanding the list of sanctions, the European Union expressed its intention to provide financial support to Belarusians who have become victims of violence while participating in peaceful protests as well as independent media.

If the political situation in Belarus does not begin to improve, the European Union will reduce bilateral cooperation with the Belarusian authorities and pay more attention to support (including financial) to representatives of the Belarusians.

By improving the situation, the European Union understands the observance by the Belarusian authorities of human rights and freedoms, the principle of democracy and the rule of law. Also, the European Union calls on the authorities to hold free and fair presidential elections in Belarus.

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Photo: владивосток.онлайн