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Every fifth Belarusian takes a smoked sausage with him. Top 7 things you can learn about Belarusian tourists

According to,

 7th place. Sneakers. 5% of all respondents necessarily take sneakers in their trips. 

6th place. Cigarettes. 9% of respondents take Several blocks of cigarettes a day 9%. They motivate this by the fact that they are accustomed to certain brands and strength. Finding the same cigarettes abroad is not always easy.

5th place. Food film. Wrapping a suitcase in cellophane at the airport is expensive, but it is somehow necessary to secure the Luggage (when transporting from one plane to another, they do not treat it very carefully). Therefore, 10% of all Belarusians surveyed always take the film with them.

4th place. Kit. 13% of respondents always take a first aid kit with them. It will necessarily contain strong antibiotics, antihistamines and patches — these are the most popular medicines in Belarus.

3rd place. Belarusian cosmetics. Interestingly, 16% take Belarusian cosmetics with them on the road. Domestic tourists say that our cosmetics are high-quality and popular in many countries around the world.

2nd place. Smoked sausage. 20% of respondents, or one in five, always put a stick of good smoked sausage in a suitcase. Many take bread, chocolate, cookies and other products.

1st place. Alcohol. 27% of Belarusians take alcoholic drinks with them. From preferences-strong alcohol. Domestic tourists admit that the alcohol taken with them allows you to save on the trip.