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Минский метрополитен

Face Recognition System in Minsk subway

In the near future, the Minsk metro will introduce a face recognition system with which you can pay for tickets, Minsk-News reports.

In a couple of months, the Minsk metro will launch a face recognition system in order to test it. With this system, passengers can pay for the subway tickets. Similar systems already work in some cities in China, and are currently being tested in Moscow.

The core idea of the system is that the portrait of the passenger is connected with his credit card. Passing through the ticket barrier, the face recognition system automatically captures a person by 120 points and sends a signal to the bank. After that, the price for a ticket is taken from the credit card and the ticket barrier opens.

Now the system is being tested by employees of the bank involved in the development of the project. But as soon as all mechanical work is completed and the system works without interruptions, passengers will be offered to try it.

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