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Feel like a farmer for a day

Minsk residents are offered to try themselves as a farm family for one day, reports. You can apply for participation until the 29th of July.

Among the people who apply for participation, three families will be selected who will be able to experience the role of farmers for one day. Those lucky ones who can try on a new role will be chosen by the organizers of the event.

The selected families will go for one day to the “Dak” farm in the Dzerzhinsky district, where goats are bred. It produces cheeses, yoghurts, cottage cheese and whey.

The idea to hold this initiative was brought about by the fact that most families now live in cities and do not have the opportunity to take their children out into the countryside.

The program of the event includes a visit to the production and milking of goats, a walk, acquaintance with animals, lunch and dinner.

The trip to the farm was organized together with E-Delivery.

Transfer is provided.

You can leave a request for participation in the trip using the google form.

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