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Festival of Belarusian cinema

The Festival of Belarusian Cinema will be held in Minsk from 17 to 23 December, reports. The brightest Belarusian film premieres of 2020 will be presented.

The schedule of the "Festival of Belarusian Cinema":

December 17

19.00 - creative evening of artist-sound engineer Maxim Gavrilenko: "Under the crowns of trees", “From a great height”, “Victims”, "Beach / Forest / Tambour" and "Last like to Dr. Sperling."

December 18

18.00 - short film by Ales Lapo "All the events according to the plan". "Invisible Paradise" directed by Daria Yurkevich.

20.00 - experimental autobiographical doc-horror by Nikita Lavretsky "Nikita Lavretsky".

December 19th

17.00 - thriller "Forbidden Zone" by Mitriy Semenov-Aleinikov.

20.00 - documentary film "Living" by Andrey Knyazevich.

December 20

18.00 - short film "Epitaph" by Viktor Aslyuk.

21 December

19.00 - Anastasia Miroshnichenko's film "Darkness Outside".

December 22

19.00 - screening of three films: animation work by Ivan Gopienko "The Kingdom of Stars", a creative experiment by Sasha Kulak and Daria Golova "Where desires live", "Dima" by Dima Dedko.

December 23rd

19.00 - creative evening with Lyubov Zemtsova and Vladimir Mikhailovsky.

Within the framework of the Festival of Belarusian Cinema, there will also be two creative evenings dedicated to the dead cinematographers of Belarus.

The festival will take place at Silver Screen Galileo cinemas.

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