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Final results of the 2020 elections

5 days after the end of the elections, the Central Election Commission published the final results of the presidential elections in the Republic of Belarus, reports

In total, the CEC released the following figures:

A total of 5,818,956 people came to the vote.

During the early voting period, 2,806,640 people came.

Lukashenka - 80.1% (4 661 075 people),

Tikhanovskaya - 10.1% (588,622 people),

Kanopatskaya - 1.67% (97,489 people),

Dmitriev - 1.2% (70 671 people),

Chechernya - 1.14% (66 613 people),

Against all - 4.59% (267,360 people).

All alternative candidates filed a complaint with the Central Election Commission to declare the elections invalid. The complaints of Tikhanovskaya, Kanopatskaya and Dmitriev were dismissed.

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