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First "pizza record" will be set in Minsk

On the 8th of October, in Minsk, the restaurant "Dodo-pizza" is planning to cook 5000 "Pepperoni" during a day, reports. The action will take place in a pizzeria at st. Surganova, 50/1 (shopping center "Riga").

The Dodo-Pizza pizzeria chefs will have only 16 hours to set the record for the number of pizzas cooked – 5,000. This is not the first "pizza record" in the world, chefs from all over the world compete in the length, diameter and shape of pizza, and now Belarus will join the list of record holders with the largest number of pizzas prepared in less than a day.

On the 8th of October, 45 cooks will go to work at once and will work in 3 shifts. The management has already prepared over a ton of dough, a ton of cheese, a ton of pizza sauce and 200 kg of pepperoni. The pizzas will be standard size (25 cm) on regular batter.

The work will last from 10.00 to 02.00.

For the visitors of the pizzeria, the organizers have prepared many surprises and contests. You can order up to 5 pizzas in one check.

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