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Flights from Belarus to Albania will be available soon

From the 12th of June, charter flights to Albania will resume work in Belarus, reports Departures will be carried out twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays).

Because of the opening of the beach season, the southern countries begin to open borders and resume flights with other countries. Albania is not the most popular holiday destination, but it is actively developing the tourism industry. Many tour operators offer Belarusians holidays on the beaches and small towns of Albania. Therefore, on the 12th of June, Albania and Belarus will resume flights between the countries. You can learn more about the schedule of charter flights from Belarusian tour operators.

Albania is not the only resort country that decided to open borders after the coronavirus. During the month, Turkey will gradually open borders to other countries. And on the 1st of July, Turkey will resume air communication with Belarus.

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