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Forestry enterprises of Belarus sold 139996 firs and pines in the pre-holiday days

Demand for natural Christmas trees across the country has declined and has been declining for years. But there is a growing demand for live Christmas trees in pots, according to 

Residents of the Minsk and Grodno regions were most active in acquiring the living attributes of the holiday: 32,128 and 30,917 new year trees were sold here, respectively. Demand for live Christmas trees in 2019 decreased: compared to 2018, about 20 thousand fewer trees were sold. The decrease was recorded in all regions except Gomel, where at least 14 thousand firs and pines are bought annually. By the way, there is another trend in the Gomel region: more than half of the buyers preferred pine rather than fir. This year, 7407 pieces of this type of coniferous trees were sold here.

A significant drop in sales was recorded in the forestry enterprises of the Minsk region: in 2019, they sold about 6 thousand new year trees less. This is primarily due to the fact that there were almost no retail outlets of forestry enterprises in the capital.