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Forget Zara! 7 Local Brands To Shop For In Belarus

Elema is a big brand of women’s and men’s wear, best known for its coats. Coats, jackets, trenches and other outwear are what the brand specializes in, having collaborated with the global players like Marks&Spencer. 

Mark Formelle 
If any Belarusian brand has been expanding like crazy, that’s Mark Formelle. Women’s wear, men’s wear, kids, underwear, sportswear are all offered by MF at affordable prices. 
The brand is trying to keep up with fashion trends, renewing its collections several times a season, holding sales, and catering a lot to a younger audience. 

Conte is another big clothing brand from Belarus. Conte offers hosiery models ranging from classical ones to super trendy, similar to the ones that you would see on fashion ambassadors of Calzedonia on Instagram. Besides hosiery, the brand now offers clothes.

Milavitsa comes in all sizes and shapes, from basic to fancy lace models. Its luxury line Alizee can easily rival Italian lingerie brands. 
Milavitsa is one of the first Belarusian brands to make a diversity and body positivity statement with the 2019 summer campaign featuring plus-size models and models of color.

Unlike Milavitsa, that’s more about being sleeky and seductive, Serge is more about comfort and coziness. 
They have extensive lines of everyday underwear, both for women and for men, and lots of soft sleepwear. 

Mattioli are luxury handbags from Belarus that can easily rival Italian and French designs. The brand is usually very precise about details, so the bags look beautifully crafted

Luch is the watch brand produced by Minsk Watch Plant since the 1950s.
For the past years, the brand has been surprising shoppers with models in Belarusian style or models made from wood, and limited edition collections. Why not get one of those as a non-standard souvenir from Belarus?