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Free mobile internet until the end of summer

Helmut Duhs, CEO of A1 company, announced that A1 clients will be provided with free mobile Internet and access to the VOKA video service until the end of summer, reports.

Due to the spread of coronavirus, Belarusian companies are trying by all available means to help the country and people go through this difficult period for all of us. The mobile operator A1, recognizing the importance of social and business aspects in our lives, provided its users with free mobile Internet (speed is up to 512 Kb/s) and access to the VOKA video service until the end of summer.

The users of the “Comfort”, “Comfort S”, “Comfort M”, “Comfort M”, “Comfort L”, “Comfort XL”, “Start” plans will be able to connect the service. More information about other plans is available on the company's website.

In order to activate the service, send a USSD request *135*7*1*2*1*1# or use the mobile app.

The offer will be available from 26th of March till 31nd of August 2020.

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