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Frosts come to Belarus down to -20° C

Severe frosts will hit Belarus next week, reports. Forecasters predict that the coldest days will fall on Sunday and Monday.

On weekends at night in some parts of the country, the temperature drops to -29° C. The coldest day will be Saturday, the temperature during the day will be -20° C. The coldest nights will be on Sunday and Monday - down to -29° C.

At the moment, educational institutions and transport are working as usual.

According to the legislation, classes in schools can be cancelled if at 7.00 the thermometer drops below -25° C, and the wind speed is more than 3 m / s. Also, the schedule of outdoor walks in kindergartens can be changed if the temperature drops below -15° C, and the wind is more than 3 m / s.

No changes in the operation of urban passenger transport are foreseen.

According to the preliminary forecast of weather forecasters, the weakening of frosts is expected in the middle of next week.

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