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Гастрофест кино

Gastrofest.Kino in Grodno

From the 24th of September till the 11th of October, Grodno will host a gastronomic festival - Gastrofest.Kino, reports. Gastrosets based on films and cartoons will be exhibited in cafes and restaurants.

Among the participants of the gastronomic festival are cafes “Palanez”, “Veranda”, “Old Town” restaurant, “Artefact” gastro bar, “Babylon” restaurant, “Champi” cafe-club, “Bakst” restaurant, “Podkova” tavern, “Big buffet”, gastronomic grill bar “Khani Kabani”, restaurant of Belarusian cuisine “Belastok”, pizzeria Basta Pasta, restaurant “Turan”, wine bar “Esperanto”, Khinkalnya, restaurant “Granat”, “Forno”.

Inspiration for the gastrosets was the films Pirates of the Caribbean; Eat Pray Love; Godfather; The Simpsons; Pulp Fiction; Taming of the Shrew; Mr. and Mrs. Smith and others.

The cost of one set is 24 Belarusian rubles.

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