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Gondola rental will be opened in Minsk

This summer, rental of gondolas will be opened on Komsomolskoye Lake, reports Now visitors will be able to ride not only on catamarans and boats, but also on real gondolas.

For vacationers, a romantic gondola ride will be provided, as in Venice. The organizers report that the cost of a trip on a gondola will be 12.50 Belarusian rubles. The gondola is designed for a maximum of two people.

Only specially trained professionals who ensure safety can operate the boat. However, if you have permission to control the gondola, you can go for a walk on the gondola yourself. So, visitors can experience all the Italian romance without leaving Minsk.

Gondolas will appear at the rental this season (2 boats are already available for rent), so everyone can try to ride a new type of water transport.

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