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Botanical garden

«Green Quest» in the Botanical Garden

30th and 31st of May in the Central Botanical Garden in Minsk "Green Quest" will take place, reports Various activations will be located throughout the garden.

You can take part in the "Green Quest" both offline and remotely using your smartphone. The organizers of the event tried to provide all security measures for visitors in the conditions of the coronavirus. Routes are created so that the participants do not meet each other.

You can sign up for the quest either alone or as a whole company or family. Participants will be able to walk along the most beautiful parts of the Botanical Garden, as well as participate in interactive tasks located at different ends of the park.

Among the participants of the quest some people will be able to get gifts in honor of the International Children's Day. And also there will be an online talk show with stars for those who did not dare to come in person.

The results of the quest will be published on 31st of May online. Awarding will also take place remotely.

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