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How Belarusians watch Pornhub

Adult resource Pornhub has released an annual report on its users. Belarusians appeared in it only once-among fans of animated cartoons. contacted the service and found out what other preferences Belarusians had in 2019.

- Belarus ranked 53rd in the world in terms of the number of site visitors for the year.

-Most viewers watch videos from mobile devices. 72% of the total Belarusian traffic was registered as such. This is slightly less than in the whole world. According to the annual report, 76% of viewers watch Pornhub with the help of gadgets.

- Female audience is 39%. This is higher than the global figure of 32%.

- The average duration of the visit of Belarusians is 9 minutes 43 seconds. The world record is 10 minutes and 28 seconds.

- Most often Belarusians watch videos on the resource between 22:00 and midnight.

-Most popular queries in LGBT categories: 1. Straight Guys, 2. Daddy, 3. Bareback.

-Belarusians still in love with Sasha Grey. It ranks fifth in the search bar, according to Pornhub. This distinguishes us from all fans of adult video, because Sasha was not included in the world top. In other respects, our tastes correspond to the world's. On the 4th place-Elsa Jean, on the 3rd-Mia Khalifa. Lana Rhoades is second, and Nicole Aniston is in the top. The above-mentioned actresses are in the world's top search queries on Pornhub.

- Finally, the most popular person among Belarusians who is not a porn star is Nastya Rybka, a model, escort, and blogger.