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How do Belarusian IT companies provide employees with remote work?

One of the largest Belarusian IT companies EPAM will provide its employees with $250 for the equipment of a workplace at home, reports.

Due to the ongoing epidemic and the risks of the start of the second wave of coronavirus, many IT companies have refused to work in the office. The Belarusian company EPAM decided to postpone the return of employees to the office until early next year. In order to provide a comfortable working environment for this period, the company allocated $250 to each employee to equip their workplaces.

All employees who were employed before the 1st of October will receive the payment in the form of a bonus to the wage for September.

In total, the company spent about $9 million on employee benefits for equipment of workplaces. In particular, $2.5 million was allocated for the Belarusian office.

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