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currency rate

How do currency rates change in Belarus?

Since August 9, 2020 (the day of elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus), the euro and dollar rates continue to grow, reports

At the auction on the 24th of August:

  • the dollar exchange rate was up to 2.5554 BYN
  • the euro exchange rate was 3.019 BYN
  • the rate of the Russian ruble was up to 3.4353 Belarusian rubles per 100 Russian rubles.

Last week the dollar rate rose 2.65%, the euro - 2.81%, and the Russian ruble - 1.25%. The specialists expect the continuation of the growth of the exchange rate during the next week. The fall of the Belarusian ruble is a consequence of the unstable political situation in Belarus.

Over the past week several IT companies announced the closure of their offices in Belarus due to constant Internet interruptions and the lack of protection from government interference in the company's affairs. Employees of certain firms were warned of a possible move to Ukraine or Russia.

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