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How do search engines support Independence Day in the Republic of Belarus?

In honour of the 3rd of July (Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus), international companies Google and Yandex have changed their logos, reports

The 3rd of July, Belarus celebrates a republican holiday - Independence Day. For this reason, Google and Yandex changed the logos in the search engines. On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the logos became red-green, the colour of the national flag of the country.

Changing logos to so-called doodles has become a common practice with search engines. Google regularly changes the logo in honour of international holidays, birthdays of famous people and various events. Sometimes doodles are set only for residents of a certain region.

Also, by clicking on the flag of Belarus on the Google logo and on the map in the Yandex logo on the start pages of search engines, you can find articles about Independence Day in the Republic of Belarus.

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