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Yandex taxi

How is Yandex.Taxi fighting against coronavirus?

Yandex.Taxi came to the aid of the Belarusian Red Cross by helping volunteers deliver lunches for the elderly, reports

The project was created by the Belarusian Red Cross and IBB Center in Minsk. The main goal of the project is to help elderly who are victims of war and concentration camps. Belarusian Red Cross volunteers with the help of Yandex.Taxi deliver free hot lunches to elderly people. The Yandex.Taxi service compensates drivers for the cost of trips of volunteers.

Delivery is contactless and comply with all necessary precautions. Each volunteer is equipped with a mask, gloves and disinfectants, and also undergoes safety instructions in the conditions of coronavirus. Parcels of food are left at the door of the apartments. Dinners for the elderly are prepared by the Westphalia restaurant, which has expressed a desire to join the charity project.

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