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Tax Free Income

How to get Tax Free income during coronavirus?

Technobank made an announcement on its official website that Tax Free refunds will be suspended until the situation in the world will be stabilized. According to, this decision was made due to the pandemic in Europe.

The instruction to suspend payments of Tax Free checks was submitted by Global Blue, a company that provides tax payments in the tourism (Tax Free). However, the management of Technobank encourages customers not to worry and assures that everyone will get Tax Free refunds as soon as the situation in the world improves.

The validity period of the Tax Free checks varies depending on the country where the purchase was made. Some countries have a limit up to 12 months. However, if the check term is over soon, you need to contact Global Blue by post, send the Tax Free checks and write down your payment card number. All payments will be made to that card.

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