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Belarusian business

How will Belarusian government support the economy during the coronavirus?

The government of Belarus is planning to support the economy and minimize the consequences of the spread of the pandemic on an international scale, reports Up to 6 billion Belarusian rubles will be allocated to assist the economy and social sphere of the country.

Two business support packages have been developed at the moment. Mainly, measures will be aimed at maintaining job positions, supporting the health sphere, and providing material assistance to families with children.

The government is also going to regulate rental rates. Earlier, presidential decree No. 143 introduced rental vacations. Now the government recommends to grant a delay of rental payments to belarusian companies and to reduce the amount of rent.

In order to execute the plan, the government hopes to obtain external loans from 2 to 2.5 billion dollars from the World Bank Group, the European Investment Bank, and the China Development Bank.

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