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In Belarusian hospitals patients will be provided with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi for patients will be connected in healthcare facilities in Belarus, reports

Beltelecom, a Belarussian telecommunication services company, will provide Wi-Fi in hospitals in Minsk, Minsk region and Grodno region. Due to the large flow of infected with coronavirus, the company decided to support patients undergoing treatment in healthcare facilities.

In order to connect to Wi-Fi, you need to go through the authorization on the website:

1) Enter your mobile number. An SMS with a Wi-Fi access code will be sent to this number.

2) Enter the code in the appropriate field and click "enter".

First of all, the service will be provided in Minsk healthcare institutions, but in the future the company is going to activate the service in hospitals throughout Belarus.

A complete list of medical facilities where Wi-Fi will be provided can be found here.

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