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In the book on the history of Belarus Mention of World of Tanks was found

In the Belarusian history book for the ninth grade there was a mention of World of Tanks. It was about the period of the great Patriotic war and tank battles with the participation of Belarusians.

The 87th page of the book tells about the native of Belarus Andrei Usov, who in August 1941 defended Leningrad in a tank detachment. Usov was a tank gunner who was able to lay 22 enemy tanks. Moreover, more than a hundred enemy shells flew into the Belarusian tank. The gunner went through the war, receiving three severe wounds, and then returned to the Belarusian Tolochin.

The tank commander in that battle in Leningrad was Zinovy Kolobanov: after the war he served in Belarus, and then worked at the Minsk automobile plant. The authors of the book noticed that in World of Tanks there is a rare award "kolobanov medal". It is awarded to the player who is the last of his team to stay alive and win the battle against at least five tanks.

In Wargaming confirmed that this is indeed a very rare award that is difficult to get. Also, the company assured: they have nothing to do with getting into the history book. Perhaps the writers of the book themselves play in World of Tanks and thus know about The "kolobanov medal", reports